Sunday, February 19, 2012


These days, a thought is recurring.  And I can hardly restrain a chuckle.  I walk about with a smile from a little humor stirring inside.

With this entry, I now have 2020 entries on this little Blog.  When I started this blog in December 2007, I wasn't even sure of its purpose.  I just had to write.  Over time, the Blog became an excellent record of our adventures here on the Farm, including our large and small discoveries.  Plus, time and space to explore some of our questions about settling into our own version of an agrarian life style.

When we lived up North, I had this gift that seemed to connect people to the Land, its rhythms and its stories.  That's no small feat considering how disconnected our culture has become.  I was both mystified and humbled by what people told me.  In the back of my mind, I have thought that would be pretty special if I can do that through this little Blog. 

And the chuckle?  It has occurred to me if that latter purpose is successful, those formerly regular readers are now all outside.  I would miss the company.  But that would be great too.

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