Sunday, February 12, 2012

Plant Voices

I happen to be from a so-called "advanced" culture which has prescribed for its "tribe" a disconnection between Humans and Nature.  Nature is viewed as dead matter, devoid of spirit and consciousness.  Humans are considered above Nature and can do anything with the Earth that they please without consequence.

I am happy to report that countless other cultures worldwide do not practice similar views.  And I am further happy to report that I don't either.  Or perhaps I should say that I am trying not to either.

Those other cultures are more apt to view life as a circle, of which Humans are one part.  All of Nature has consciousness and voice.  For years, I have deeply yearned to hear the "voices" of my fellow beings.  I knew they were there.  I just couldn't open the channel to my heart that could hear them.  I wouldn't say that I am proficient at any of these things.  I yearn and some interesting pieces have emerged.

Take these 2 plants:  The plant above is a Coleus whose original Mother came from Seeds I bought a few years back.  I took cuttings from my friend the Coleus last fall before the Frost claimed her.  Those cuttings had been sitting in rain water on a window ledge until about a month ago, when I planted them in soil.  Looking closely at the plant, one can see a distinctive difference in the colors of her leaves.  The leaves which held on through the long season of sitting in rain water had green without much trace of anything else.  When placed in soil, Coleus began to send up new leaves at the top, and up and down the stalk.  Those leaves are that deep reddish purple color.  My friend Coleus seems to be saying:  "My home is in the soil... I do best there...I recognize and love the increasing daylight and strength of the Sun...My stems are a little wobbly...Being outside when it is warmer is what I prefer...My stems can be sturdier there...You can take more cuttings from the wobbly leaves and share them with friends in the spring."

And below, you will see a Geranium, whose flowers we are told will be Red.  A friend gave this plant to us 2 weeks ago.  It was originally from our lovely Elder friend Joan who passed away a little before Mother.  Our friend is Joan's daughter-in-law.  The Geranium was tall and lanky in its little pot.  Our new Friend/s the Geranium is saying:  "I get tall and lanky when I have little sun.  I just keep reaching out for the Sun and it seems a far distance away. As a result, my stems are not so strong.  Now that you have placed me in a window with Sun, I am happy as can be.  I have put up leaves at the top of my stalk.  They are a dark green.  Their stems are shorter and sturdier.  And yes, that's new green that you seen along the lower part of my stalk.  I am positively gleeful.  And yes, we are actually 2 plants which you could separate. My nice long stems would make good cuttings too."
As I have been more open to hearing the voices of Plants, I am enchanted that those voices have been there all along.  I just hadn't been paying attention.  I am paying attention now.  And I have found a whole lot more friends too.

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