Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Storms Move Through

Last night storms moved through the area.  We had high winds and heavy rain just after midnight.  Today, sustained winds of 30 miles per hour with gusts up to 45 were forecast.  On such days, we usually "hunker down".  Low key is in high order.  The persistent sound and feel of the wind take its share of energy.

We took the 2 cats to the Vet at 9 this morning for shots.  As we turned south at Millard, I noted 3 trucks with cherry pickers racing north.  I said to my family:  "There must have been some damage.  Look at them go."  Such trucks were a very common sight last summer in these parts.

To our amazement and sadness, we noted considerable damage along the highway close to the Vet's clinic, especially to one farm.  Across the highway, large storage containers which fit on railroad cars and ships were tossed like child's blocks into a field.

As the day has gone on, we have been checking up on friends and family, and have heard of some damage in the areas around.  These are tender times when we face our own vulnerability.

Later on a walkabout on our little Farm, we bundled up and carried walking sticks to brace against the wind.  Richard and I noted 3 pieces of debris.  This was by far the largest and is about 16 inches across.  It looks to be some kind of wall board and it surely did not come from here.

This is the season that Winter and Spring do their dance.  Each vies for the lead and they can be quite dramatic in their expression.  With climate change, storms get worse.  And they are earlier, which this one seems to be.  I guess we just have to find our way through such things.  And maybe, we need to express our awe at the power of Nature (of which we are a part) and gratitude for the blessings that are in our lives with each breath.

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