Sunday, February 5, 2012


January 24:

This morning, the Sun appeared to rise on the Eastern Horizon at 7:25 am, and it appeared to set at 5:19 pm. We've had this discussion before. Right? The Sun really does not "rise". The rotation of the Earth on her Axis creates an appearance that the "Sun rises" in relationship to the Earth. That's what we Humans in our sophistication call it, but are we ever wrong.

Regardless, the Sun appears to rise a little more to the North on the Eastern horizon every day. That means those of us who are living in the Northern Hemisphere are moving through the Winter Season and approaching Spring and Summer. This Human is grateful, I might add. Each day we have more daylight, which is welcome. And each day, the daylight is advancing a little more than it did the day before. The increasing amount of Sunlight will pick up speed about February 2 when the changes will be increasingly dramatic.

When I look back at my notes on this blog for January 10, I note that the Sun appeared to rise at 7:32 am and appeared to set at 5:03 pm. That's 2 weeks ago. Time from "Sunrise" to "Sunset" for January 10 was 9 hours, 31 minutes, and for today (January 24) is 9 hours, 53 minutes. (Source was WeatherUnderground).

I never cease to be filled with awe about these things. The childlike innocent questions inside me ponder the extraordinary perfection of Creation to move in such ways. I must say that is more comfortable for me to say "Sunrise" and "Sunset" rather than to think that we are rotating on this ball and that ball is moving around the Sun. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it. Nevermind, the Heavens have their perfection of Grace as they too swirl about.

On my journey through Life, it is increasingly apparent to me that the "more I know the less I know". Pondering on such matters is yet another classic case.

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