Sunday, February 12, 2012

Workshop Bound

Melanie is headed to the Tiny House workshop in Madison Wisconsin this week.  She intends to build her own little cottage this next year, starting in the fall.  While one doesn't see much of this in mainstream news as yet, Tiny Houses are a lot of the rage these days. People see some of the glaring down sides of big: debt, utilities, upkeep, impact on the Earth.  Never mind the insecurities of income and being stuck in jobs that just do not fit. 

Melanie does not intend to build a Tiny House, but it will be small.  I think about the sizes that were common at the turn of the last century.  Grandma Matilda's house comes to mind.  That little house held 6 people and I am not sure how.  Somehow, over time, houses "got big".  Dinosaurs did too.

It's great that more and more options are available in times demanding us to think outside the boxes that we find ourselves in. And it is wonderful that people are making some new choices.

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