Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Richard, Hollis and David have been restoring 4 Walking Plows at the Family Farm west of here.  On Tuesday, February 28, Richard and Hollis brought home to our little Farm the Walking Plow.  Hollis had gotten this plow when they lived in Cameron which could well have been 4 decades ago.

The plow has a patent date of April 8, 1877, which means that it might be 135 years old.  The Plow has seen some wear and has been repaired by a Blacksmith 3 times.

Walking Plows were pulled by horses with the Farmer holding the reins behind.  Together, they "broke" the Prairie Sod which was no small feat.  On average, a person could plow about an acre and a half a day with a plow of this size (14 inches).  That day's efforts meant the Farmer would walk about 8 miles. (See YouTube video:  Also note that the Homestead National Monument video which I posted reference to earlier has video footage of the Walking Plow.) 

A plow like this is likely what "broke" the land here, which we are trying to restore.  I suppose if we listen closely, we can still hear those sounds upon the land.

Thanks, Hollis, for the gift of this plow and for deeply knowing the very special nature of these storied things!

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