Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leek Report

Those tiny white things are Leek Seedlings.  Welcome to the Farm!  The green and red which are only barely visible are weed seedlings.  They will go.  We have plenty already.

I planted the Leek Seeds on Friday which was 4 days ago.  The Leek Seeds are beginning to emerge.  Richard reminded me that they actually come up first in almost a "U Shape", in that their top part is down.  It is almost like they are "bowing" to the force of life.  They are "white".  In the next couple of days, their tops will come up and they will turn green in the sunlight.  I suppose you could call that photosynthesis at work.

I can almost imagine them "wiggling" under the soil.  They are excited with their growing and with the promise of spring.  We welcome them to our little home.

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