Monday, April 2, 2012

Edgy and Trusting

The weather has been unusually warm and unusually early.  Richard's calendar gives us a sampling of how things are shaping up compared to last year:

1st Crawfish Frogs heard: last year: April 3; this year March 21
Superior Plum full bloom: last year: April 10; this year: March 18
1st Lawn mowing: last year: April 11; this year: March 19
1st Morels: last year: April 24; this year: April 1
1st Carpenter Bee: last year: May 9; this year: March 30
1st Yellow Billed Cuckoo: last year: May 11; this year: March 17

The naysayers on climate change seem a little low key these days.  Or rather, they are not getting their usual press.  Maybe those few who are forcing that agenda have actually looked outside their office high rises or their gleaming insulated mansions or brought their heads out of the sand to see what is happening beyond their own self interest. Forgive me, but such contrivings will surely fall the way of those who steadfastly held to the "Earth is flat".  Letting go of such fantasies can happen none too soon. We are running out of time to turn this puppy around.

Climate is changing in a big way.  No part of life will be unaffected.  As Bill McKibben has termed we are finding ourselves on a "tough new planet".  People who grow food will have their ears to the ground on this one. People who buy food at the grocery store may not see it at first.  But our ability to produce food in the usual way is changing and likely will change even more.

Many ordinary folk down here trying to grow their own food are a little edgy. While the weather has been largely beautiful by any standard, its early nature has meant that the spring is moving faster.  Was today's high of 86 spring or was it summer?  We know that it could just as easily get cold.  We aren't talking about those things.  Fruit trees are in full flower or past.  A frost now would destroy the year's fruit crop and let's not forget the damage that can be done too.  Shhhh....

Thursday's low is forecast at 34 degrees and next Monday's forecast is 36.  Edgy seems appropriate.  But trust comes in too.  We trust the Divine has a plan and that we each have important roles in it.

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