Friday, April 13, 2012

Long and Lean

April 7:

Mačka is getting a little bigger. She is long, lean and quite the hunter. She has had her surgery so that she will not have kittens and she has recovered nicely. She is an outdoor cat and makes her home in the shed.
Mačka is delighted when we Humans come outside. She makes a beeline to be right by our side. She sometimes rubs up against us. Should we reach down to pick her up, she is gone in a blink of the eye. She is fast.

We are pleased to report that she seems accepted by Scamp the Cat. She even caught Scampy a mouse the other day. However, Max the Cat is not so sure.

She seems curious about coming inside. We are not quite ready to bring inside a cat who has not been completely accepted by one of the resident cats. Nor are we ready to bring inside a cat that we cannot catch.

Today is a gray, cold, rainy day. If my guess is "spot on", she is laying on top of the straw bales nestled in the curled up green hose and in the middle of a delicious nap. I shall be catching up on a few things today, and napping sounds like one of them.

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