Friday, April 20, 2012


The last few months and weeks have brought some beautiful magic out here on the Farm.  In late December, friends Peter and Sue introduced Dave to Melanie and Melanie to Dave.

In mid-March, Dave and his son Calvin came down for Calvin's spring break.  (His daughter Isabelle was spending her break down south.) On this beautiful day, they helped us do the 1st cleaning of some of the garden beds.

Later in the afternoon, Sue and Peter brought their 2 grandchildren to the Farm.  Their grandchildren must have been on break too. It was Peter and Sue's 1st trip to our little farm (their grandchildren's too).  Joni came up from Columbia on her break.

Everyone contributed to the meal.  Richard stirred up his special spaghetti which is always a hit and was probably the best ever on this night. Our blessing was the singing of "Tis a gift to be simple".

Dave and Peter shared their wonderful music, the strains of which floated over the meadow.  At points inbetween, Dave and Calvin found the piano.

Yes, magic is happening out here on the Farm. Richard and I just kind of wait, watch and wonder.  We wander too.  We send our love and very best wishes to 2 very dear and precious spirits and all who are touched by and who touch their lives.

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