Saturday, April 28, 2012


Our Amish neighbor Clemens (cabinet maker/carpenter) came over. (Melanie and Dave  return tomorrow eve; baby chicks come Mon. early.) Existing kitchen cabinets will be removed on Mon. 4pm. We should remove the stuff in cupboards ahead of time, huh? Ah...camping... Repairing walls/painting will be in full production Tues./Wed. Clemens and Richard will put down flooring Thurs. Cabinets will be installed the following Mon. Cabinet top goes in on Thurs w/ plumbing complete hopefully too. Then we should be ready to host Rachel and her family for Rachel's graduation May 12. 
Whirlwind. We are having 2 guests (Emily and Noah) for the next 3 weeks.  They will be helping here on the Farm.  They should arrive the end of next week. It's getting into high season for planting.  As the season moves through spring and into summer, the action just picks up.  I dearly remember those quiet restful days of winter.  But this season is exciting in its own way.
I am reminded how grateful we are; some folks out there don't have food, and we are redoing our kitchen. Should never ever forget.

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