Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meditation on Wind

Mostly, these little postings are musings on happenings on this Little Farm.  Well, today's weather forecast suggests chance of severe wind.  And here is a beautiful visualization of wind in the lower 48 for this day.  The first link gives a bit of an overview and the second shows the wind on this day at at this moment in time.  Wow.

I have long had a fascination with spring and fall migration of Birds.  Being married to an ornithologist has allowed me some spectacular insights on our feathered Friends.  I try to take teachings in Nature and apply them to my Life.  My culture suggests that we are separate from Nature but of course we are not.  My culture once thought the Earth was flat too.  But, let's get back to the lessons of wind and migratory Birds.

When Birds migrate they will usually wait for a front to go through in the direction they intend.  When it does, they go with that front, permitting a long distance flight with less expenditure of energy.  My Dear Human Community typically would say:  "Hey, today is the day that I planned for this to happen.  Come Hell or High Water, I am taking off."  If Canada Geese had this philosophy, they would have long ago gone the way of the Dodo Bird (which is extinct).

Please note that I am not suggesting that Birds travel on severe fronts.  My resident ornithologist says, they would be riding the front on the north side of this map.  If the weather is too severe, they would likely settle down.

We Humans are so very small in the scheme of things.  We either go with that flow of Nature or we choose not to be a part.  I know which side I am on.  And I also know that I know so little.  But Hey, Dear Nature that is My Mother, I am eager and willing to learn.

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