Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Evening Reflections

Today I was on my way into town in our little hybrid. I passed horse poop on the road. I passed the Amish sawmill where 2 ponies with western saddles were tied to the fence. 
I think about the Amish buggies going past our farm. I love hearing the clip clop of horse's feet, hearing those old iron wheels grind away up the hill. I imagine these are sounds my grandparents heard. 
When the Amish school "bus" goes past, I hear the laughter, chatter, and singing of children. And yes, we do have cars whizzing past as people are on their way to work. We have been known to whiz past when we have a tight agenda in town.  In fact, I find it so hard to leave, I am often late. 
We live on a little gravel road off the beaten path. It is mostly quiet out here. We hear birds, frogs and foxes singing their songs. We see stars. We grow our own food. Our chickens sing their own happy songs most of the time. We are getting to know our neighbors. 
We are watching the pond fill. Tonight, Richard and I sat on the pond bank.  From where we sat, we concluded that our heads would be about at the level of the pond when it is full.  From our perch on the hay bale, we watched billowy pink clouds glow with the setting sun and grow with the energy inside them.  We watch brief flashes of lightning inside them.
I love our little out of the way home up here in the paradise of NE Missouri (NEMO). It brings its own challenges and it sure isn't easy street. I suppose you could say that we found our own version of NEMO, something I am not so sure we really expected in our wildest fantasies of this place.

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