Saturday, April 7, 2012

Looking Up

One of my latest fascinations is to imagine the view of a small living being on the forest floor.  I am a Human and I stand about 5'4" tall, or at least I did.  I have not checked for some time.  I do know that people tend to get smaller as they age and I am not as young as I once was. But that is not the subject of this writing. 

The subject of this writing is the view that we have of our natural surroundings.  My view is based on my height and the strategic position of my eyes in my head.  Those eyes generally look straight forward at that level and then all around me.  Sometimes I look up and I look down, but that seems less frequent than looking straight ahead and from side to side and all around me.

What if I was smaller?  And I was looking up?  What if I was a mouse, an ant, a violet on the forest floor? This fascination is inspiring some very interesting photos which will be appearing on this little Blog.  At least, they are interesting to me.  These photos will be looking up or looking into interior spaces which are out of the common Human view.  The only prerequisite is that I can fit my hand and my camera into the space.

And what is the above photo?  What do you think, my friend?

I found 2 large trees which had grown very close to each other.  I could not stand between them, but I could hold the camera with the lens pointed up. And this is what the lens saw.

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