Friday, April 20, 2012


Since her appearance on our little Farm in January, Mačka has really settled in.  She loves her Farm family and the shed which is her very own home.  She is still on the wild side which is fine with us.  She does seem quite curious and enchanted by her Humans.  She does come when she is called, especially if that is around meal time.  She will rub against us but moves quickly away if it seems we might want to hold her.  We do hold her sometimes.  

She loves to be with us when we go on walks in the Garden.  She is fast.  She may be beside us. We blink and she is gone.  I have wanted to take some action shots of her, but smile whimsically at orchestrating that possibility.  Sometimes she is simply a blur.

The trick to this photo was to focus and push the button on the camera about 12 feet ahead of her.  This is what I got.  That's Richard in the background.  These days, neither he nor I move quite that fast. We are enjoying the boundless energy of youth around us.

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