Friday, August 31, 2012


Throughout my life, I have been told:  "Be careful what you ask for."  You just might get it. 

A friend noted that he had asked for drought in the spring.  He felt really bad.  Really bad.  Scared even.  And his co-workers were giving him a bit of grief:  "Have you had enough drought yet?" 

Over the years, I had heard that indigenous peoples believe that the consciousness of the Earth and the consciousness of Humans are closely intertwined.  Humans can actually call on change and it just might happen.  While I don't completely get this yet also believe something I don't completely understand, it has given me pause to be careful for what I ask for.

I used to ask for rain when it was dry.  And I used to ask for dry when it was all soupy out there.  Sometimes I would even get quite exuberant about it.  "We really really need rain."  I don't do that any longer.  Instead, I pray that the climate will return to a balance that is needed in these parts. 

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