Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chicken Raincoats

Richard got up early to finish planting Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes before the rain. Melanie and I joined him to finish the flower edge around the garden areas he has so carefully created. With that, 2 of his garden areas are almost complete.

Gardeners at this season experience an urgent flush of energy when seeds need to be planted just before the coming rain. I am not sure where that energy comes from.

Although light and sporadic to begin with, the rain did come. We quickly finished our work about the time the mud began to stick to our shoes.

When we got back to the house, we noted the adult Chickens were standing up as straight and tall as they could. That’s standard for them when the rain begins. I suppose such a posture creates less surface area to catch the rain. You just try to stand in between the drops.

Over time, some were making their way to the undersides of trees and bushes. The primo spot was underneath the platform birdfeeder. Not only were there plenty of seeds down below but the Chickens were optimistic that Mr. Blue Jay who is quite messy would lavish them with seeds raining on the ground.

I think you could call these practices Chicken Raincoats.

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