Monday, May 5, 2008

Gift for Chickens

Allison La Duke visited the 3 C's on her way cross-country. She is headed toward a job as "Interpretive Park Ranger" with the National Park Service, her 4th such experience in her 4th National Park. Previous parks have included Mt. Rainier, Yosemite, Kenai, and now Shenandoah. We have known Allison a long time, from before she was born, in fact. She is a very special part of our very special family in the North Country.

Allison brought a bag of apples for the trip. Today was one of our 1st warm days and it was quite unexpected. After a few hours in the closed up car, the apples baked. No problem. The apples became a gift for the chickens. The chickens were thrilled and I think the 2 2-leggeds were as well.

Thanks for the visit, Allison. Have a great experience learning, growing and sharing on the Eastern edge of this beautiful North American Continent which is our beloved home.

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