Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rainy Day

We have a rainy day today. We speeded up on planting early this week. Then the last 3 days we have had rain off and on. The rain permits us to have a bit of rest, catch up on the inside, read about companion planting, and fine tune our remaining garden plans.

Those plants and seeds we put into the ground are just relishing in the nourishing rain. But Gardeners know it always a gamble: Will the conditions be right for finishing the garden? I guess we do the best we can and we cherish any window of opportunity.

The big Chickens would not allow themselves to be contained today despite some creative coaxing and herding attempts by Melanie. They sometimes stood making themselves small in the rain. Or, they clung tight to slivers of dry under trees and next to the shed.

In the meantime, the growing Chicks were just plain bored in their big house which seems to be getting smaller.

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