Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our 1st Adventure Out Into the Big World

Yesterday, Melanie let the Chicks out into the Big World. She wasn't sure they were ready because they were still so small. This is a little bit of their story and a lovely glimpse at the wonderful untapped potential for Chicken Theater.

"It was a plot. We strategized the night before. We were tired of singing 'The Jailhouse Blues'. We knew the best time to make a break was when the Pink Footed One comes in and changes our water.

The Pink Footed One came in the afternoon. It was sunny. It was hot. We played on her kind heart. We panted. We looked pitiful. We tried to pout. It is hard to pout with a beak. We knew our best chance would be when she changed the water in our waterers.

The Pink Footed One gathered the waterers toward the door. Daisy Mae was our fearless leader. She had us gather in the back. She told us to act like good little well behaved Chicks, model citizens of the Chicken World. The time came for our break. We were so excited we could hardly contain ourselves. The Pink Footed One moved toward the screen. She stepped out. As she reached back in for the waterers, Daisy Mae gave the call. Charge!

We flooded the door. The Pink Footed One tried in vain to put us one by one back into the House, the Jail. We kept flooding the door. Finally the Pink Footed One relented.

We dashed out into the world. Once out into the Big World, the Green-Green Grasses and Clover waved high overhead. We found places to explore, hide and eat. The Sky was radiant blue and taller than We could even think to reach.

Bugs of all varieties were working magic in the Big World. Some sang curious little songs. Some walked. Some jumped. Some flew. We all want to fly some day more than the short distances We now know.

The Earth beneath our eager little feet offered Dirt Cups beyond our Wildest Dreams. We scratched. We Dust Bathed to our hearts content. There was Dirt enough for Everyone.

Some Chicks went on an Exploring Party and told Tall Tales of meeting Small But Long Fast 4 Legged Furry Creature with Whiskers and a Very Long Hairless Tail. The fearless members of the Exploring Party were not sure who was more surprised: the Small Furry 4 Legged Creature or the Chicks. They also wondered why We Chicks don't have such a lovely long hairless tail.

As the Light got lower and the Day got cooler, the 3 Featherless 2 Leggeds (including the Pink Footed One) were not so sure We Chicks would want to come in. They got a little panicky. We are not sure why.

The Pink Footed One and the Yellow Footed One stayed inside the House. They tried to make it look cushy like We would want to go back in. They offered luscious Corn Meal in our Big House. It's our favorite. The Yellow Footed One even sat where She usually does offering Herself as our much loved Perch.

White Cloud (the tallest 2 legged) developed a special program to bring Us Chicks in. He thought it would work. White Cloud walked around the house herding us like Small Cattle (which We are not). He did the Chicken Shuffle, lest he step on Small Chicks. White Cloud would herd Us around the House until We got to the door. He hoped We would walk up the Ramp. Some of Us did. But then as He walked away, We would head back down the Ramp into our beloved Paradise.

For all Their efforts, We Small Chicks just were not ready. We knew what We wanted. We tried to reassure them. To our relief, the 3 2 Leggeds with Oh So Little Confidence in the Natural Order of Things gave up and let Us do it Our Way.

We did come back in well before the Night started. Sometimes We came in One by One and other times in Small Groups. Sometimes We walked. Sometimes We flew. Sometimes We fell asleep right there on the new ramp.

Once inside We found our customary sleeping spots and went right to sleep. We were So Tired. It was a such a Long and Beautiful Day marking Our 1st Adventure Out into the Big World."

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