Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Whatch Ya Doin'?"

Today, the little Chicks are 3 weeks old. They are curious. Very curious. And they have been curious from the get-go.

These Little Critters are especially intrigued by my small silver digital camera. I find the most interesting shots come when I put the camera down to their eye level. Instead of looking down on them as a Giant Human looking at the top of the heads of Wee Little Ones, I get a peek at their world, their view. And the instant I move the camera down, they come running lickety split. They examine the camera, every spot, every edge, every crevice. While they are on the run, I keep snapping pictures and moving the camera around. Things happen so fast, I don't even look at the LCD screen. I just keep taking pictures. I do have a lot of pictures blanked out with a full screen of fuzzy fluff. But I also have some very good ones. I don't feel like I should take credit for the pictures. These Living Beings are nothing short of amazing.

You can just hear them asking me, the Giant: "Whatch ya doin'?"

So what am I doing? I am intrigued by these little guys and gals. I just can't quite get enough of them. When we came to Butterfly Hill Farm, we determined to honor the sacred gift of life. I feel that life is a gift. And I should live out that gift in being present for its Mystery, plus being intentionally present in every single step.

Unfortunately, in our society, we have forgotten that gift. I find that sad, even tragic. I know I cannot change the world of the other. But I can change the world I choose to live. So my intention is to be deeply aware of that gift and to live life as a sacred gift.

One way I do that is to pay attention to those life's moments when I see the pure essence of life which is a gift. Seeing Little Chicks is one of those times. These Little Ones teach me a lot about life.

So, "Whatch Ya Doin'?" I am a student back in school studying the essence of life. And it is present in these precious Little Beings. I am richly blessed.

Dear Reader: What are those moments when you see, touch, feel the essence of Life?

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