Friday, May 2, 2008

Pure Magic

Baby chicks arrived Thursday, May 1. The Post Office called at 6:45am and announced their arrival. We picked them up by 8am. The paperwork from Cackle Hatchery showed they hatched on April 30 at 5am. That means they were 27 hours old when we picked them up.

The chicks included: 52 White Rocks (they are all cockerels, that we know of, and will be our meat birds; we plan on them being well loved while they are here), 10 Buff Orpington pullets (Buffs are known for their gentle disposition; they will be additional hens for our laying flock), and 5 Barred Rock pullets (they are advertised as kid friendly). (For those of you new to chicken language, pullets are baby girls and cockerels are baby boys.)

Medical students Rachel and Joni, who were on their way to class, met us at the Post Office. It was a riot. The 4 of us (Rachel and Joni in particular) couldn't be contained. I don't know what it is about baby chicks but they bring out a kind of excitement that knows no limits. I think those little bundles introduce us to the pure essence of life. You just cannot turn away. Instead you melt. I think people in our society should have more experiences with baby chicks.

We also took the babies to see Mother and to see Sarah Saltmarsh. Sarah remembered baby chickens at her Grandmother's, but was not sure she had ever seen them so small.

That little box was filled with pure magic.

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