Monday, May 5, 2008

Morel Mushrooms

Good news, bad news.

Richard found Morel Mushrooms on the property this afternoon. We are absolutely thrilled. I think we have found paradise.

We moved away from Adair County 38 years before we moved back. Sadly, Morel Mushrooms were left behind, except for 2 occasions: Hollis and Deleta sent a small freezer full "overnight delivery"; Sarah and family gave us Morels from their farm in northwestern Minnesota.

The good news is that we have them right here on Butterfly Hill Farm. More good news: We had them for supper. Richard and I fried them up in the customary way (dip in egg and milk; coat with cracker crumbs; fry in butter/olive oil until crispy brown). The bad news: We ate them all up.


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