Friday, May 16, 2008

Land of Green, Tender and New

I do not know what it is about Spring in Northeast Missouri. After the Spring rains and temperatures change at last from cool to warm, everything is radiant Green. That Green is Tender and New. You could fill a jumbo crayon box with all the varieties. I walk around drinking in all these luscious things. The feeling is most intense in the Woods, where I am surrounded by more and more Green everyday. The promise of New Life is all around and in me too.

I look down and see the colors of this New World reflected in a pool of water. Maple Seeds float on the surface. These Seeds make me smile. As a Child I remember them twirling like little whirly-birds as they fell from the Mother Trees. When they were Green, I used them as whistles. I did this a little earlier year; it scared the chickens and startled me too. They weren't sure what was going on. I was a little puzzled by the sound myself. I had not heard it in a very long time. This Spring, we even ate a few of the "seeds" cooked like peas.

As I look into this pool, I wonder what Nature sees when She looks back at me. I hope She smiles as I do in Her Land of Green, Tender and New.

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