Friday, May 30, 2008

Planting Garden

We have been intensively planning, constructing, planting these last few days. We are trying to grow as much of our own food as possible, so this is serious stuff. Yes, it is like the Old Days when People had to do such things, except we have a back-up: the supermarket (which we would rather use to the least extent possible).

We have been ever vigilant. As parts of the Garden have dried out, we have moved forward, ever watchful of expected rains. In the middle of these simple but highly complex acts, one ponders that which Gardeners know:
  • One must move when the time is right and that is the time that Nature sets.
  • We are not in control here.
  • We have to pay attention to the lessons of Nature in every step.
  • We have to be open to learn.
  • We have to be open to change, sometimes in midstream and sometimes when we least want to.
  • The Garden's success is dependent on our knowing.
  • The Garden's success is dependent on a Force far greater than that we can ever know.
  • We can plant seeds and follow all the rules; but we cannot make the Garden grow.
  • Somehow these Gardening acts connect us with all Gardeners before us and after us.
  • Growing food is about sustaining life.
  • Nothing tastes better than food you have grown with your own hand and in your own soil.
  • You can't buy this stuff in the store.
  • Every year is different.
  • Nature is bountiful and generous.
  • Gardening is a deeply spiritual act.
  • Gratitude and awe are at center of all that we do.
Some little pictures of this stage of the process are tucked into this little post: (Picture 1): Melanie works on configuration of her garden. (Picture 2): Richard plants the heirloom Tomatoes that he grew from seed. (Picture 3): Richard plows a furrow with his Mother's garden plow. He thinks it may well have been an antique for her too. (Picture 4): Rachel Long joins me (I am behind the lens) in planting the trellises Richard built according to my overall design. The stakes are Sunflower stalks from last year. Rachel is carefully tucking in seeds for Gourds and mini-Pumpkins. Play has a place in the Garden too.

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