Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Astrological Forecasts

I have noted 2 astrological forecasts for me that which just resonate "Yes!".  I just had to smile.

(1) One forecast suggested this was the year to be sure to have lists.  Normally, I am not a list maker.  I just remember and it just flows.  But the intensity and volume of things on the "to do" list is picking up speed. Yep, lists are a good idea. 

(2) Another forecast suggested that I surround myself with green plants.  Yes, that is "for real".  You should see the rooms with the South Windows.  Melanie has even called the Dining Room the Oxygen Therapy Chamber.  Even now, if you could look over my shoulder you would see a giant Begonia Leaf gently waving "Hello" at you on the other side of this screen.  And yes, we have begun to plant seeds for transplants.  More pots and trays are vying for attention at the South Windows.  I planted those little round Cabbage Seeds on Monday.  I visit them frequently during the day, and mist them about 3 times.  I noted that one of the Little Ones is swelling and turning Green. And I transplanted the Leeks into 2 bigger containers.  They are happy.  On more even days, they are beginning to take excursions outside.  If you listen quietly, you can hear their voices which are positively gleeful. 

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