Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Smiles

Today was just a beautiful day.  It surely was almost like a summer day, except the evening is cool.  The Pussy Willow's Catkins really fluffed up.  It's almost like they exploded in their delight.  The Austrees (which are a kind of Willow) have a soft green color visible in their "outer reaches". That means that their Catkins will be making an appearance soon, which means the sound of the Bees will make the Humans smile.

I noticed that one of the Rhubarb plants is just beginning to poke up above the soil line.  It's a plant which was my Dad's.  We tried really hard to transplant them, but haven't had much luck.  I am thrilled and so are Richard and Melanie.

Frogs are singing.  So far, we have Spring Peepers, Chorus Frogs, Leopard Frogs in the evening choir.  And tonight we were treated to the sounds of the Northern Gopher Frog, which we just love.  When Richard was growing up, he discovered this frog in a time when the frog had all but disappeared.  It was quite a big deal, especially in his life and in our lives as a family over the years.  Whenever we hear this frog "snoring" (which is its call), we also smile.

Spring is filled with Smiles.  We just can't help it.

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