Saturday, March 17, 2012


So many things have happened these last few days.  The weather has been lovely.  Overall, these past few days have been just beautiful, and decidedly extraordinary.  If I take time to detail it all, I shall be sitting at this little screen and clattering away at these keys for a very long time.  That surely is not my plan.  I shall do what I can.

We have had company.  Lots of company.  People have been arriving via bicycle, cars, buggies, and on foot.  Some were expected and others were not.  And it has all been just beautiful.

Yesterday, Richard and I took time for Tea on the back deck.  I had Melanie's Holy Basil blend, which she had gathered, dried, and blended last year.  A little bit of Honey just made it fabulous.  I do hope that the 3 of us, even when we are the busiest, can take time for tea and walks over the coming months.  It is so easy to just keep on working.  All work and no play makes for Jack (and Jill) becoming pretty dull boy (and girl).  Grumpy underneath too.  I don't even want to go there.

On this day, Richard explained that he had just planted 300 linear feet of Peas.  He also had made some sticks to serve as row markers.  He hoped that Joni and I might complete them in more of an artsy form. We were up to the occasion.  I gathered paints, brushes and the marker.  I painted them green.  And Joni designed the lettering.

On these past past few days, we have picked up speed in cleaning up the garden beds.  Help has woven in and out of our lives too:  Calvin, Dave, Joni.  Things are beginning to look tidier, more open to growing.  That feels good.  I love doing this.  One of my favorite things to do is to focus on those tender shoots emerging from the soil.

Bumblebees are busy too.  Melanie took this picture of our first Bumblebee out front.  Things are hummin' over here at the Farm. It's Spring and it is indeed beautiful.

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