Friday, March 30, 2012

"Spring Forward into Gardening"

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 31), the University of Missouri Extension Service is offering an all day workshop on "Spring Forward into Gardening".  Melanie is presenting on raising chickens, and I am on a panel of folks with 100 years of experience in growing vegetables.  I kind of chuckle at that one.  I used it as a opportunity to put together a piece called: "Gardening Reflections after Five Years on Butterfly Hill Farm".   

Melanie has had a cold these last few days.  She doesn't feel bad but she has lost her voice.  Richard is going as back up. 

This computer has been pretty busy the last few days getting ready for the doin's tomorrow.  Right now, I am printing.  And the big question is:  "Am I going to run out of ink?"  Isn't life fun?

It is always neat to see who turns up at gardening gatherings.  It just makes me smile to think about it. 

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