Monday, March 19, 2012

Woodland Findings

I find these life forms amazing.They break down dead wood, which will once again become soil. I regret, I know none of their names. 

On Saturday, Richard and I headed over into his brothers' woods which are not too far away, geographically or spiritually.  These are familiar and treasured spaces from his childhood, our courtship and early marriage, and his recent fall hunting trips since we have returned to these parts.   It was the 1st time I had been there for probably 4 decades.  I felt like I was putting my feet into well worn and loved slippers.

So what did the Woods offer up on this day?  I always find lessons on Creation, life, love, and meaning on these little explorations.  It surely is a trip into the outer and the inner landscapes.

With the recent warm weather, things were popping.  A deep meaning kept rolling around in my conscious mind:  "Out of Death, new Life emerges."  It is easy to see Winter's grip of Death:  the dead leaves and spent trees decaying.  And then, with warm air (and soon to come nourishing rains), new life arises.  On this day, we found a myriad of wildflowers beginning tentative explorations from the dark, rich, loamy soil below where they had snuggled safely during their winter's rest.

These are lessons that the Great Mother Earth has known and provided for some time.  I suppose that is inspiration for the Human on Faith and Hope.  It surely is for me.
Hello, Bluebells!
I don't remember what this is.  I need to get out the Wildflower ID book...again.
I love this bark in deep relief.
Again, this one is unknown.  My apologies, dear friend!

Bluebells snuggle in the protection of the great tree.
I find gnarly old dead and decaying trees fascinating.  They are ending this stage of their journeys and returning to the Earth. That happens to Humans too.
Richard and I think this is Dutchman's Breeches.  We shall soon see.
I thought this tree looked like a leg and hoof of a giant Creature.  We never did find the other 3 legs, assuming there were 3.
We found a log to sit on and relish what we saw.  Those boots  protect us from Ticks.  I did come home with one.

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