Thursday, March 8, 2012


Mačka is at the Veterinary Clinic today.  She had surgery to eliminate the potential of having baby Kitties.  Melanie and I visited her this afternoon.  She was pretty woozy.  We will pick her up tomorrow.

If you are following this little Blog, you may remember that Mačka is a little cat who just appeared here a few weeks back.  In the beginning there was no doubt that she was an outdoor kitty and was skittish around humans.  She has a really sweet spirit, so we decided to add her to the fold.  Over time we have been gently connecting, on her terms and our own too.  A bond definitely has been formed.

The 2 City Cats (ages 14 and 16) who live here were not at all sure about this situation.  However, they do seem more accepting, especially since their food dishes are not even close to each other. Mačka (which is Croatian for "Cat") has made her home in the shed.  She seems eager to accept an important responsibility of being an outdoor Farm Mouser.  

We thought she was a kitten, but the Vet says she looks like she is about a year old.  We seemed to get a bit of a heads up on the "cat" rather than the "kitten" when an entourage of 4 Tom Cats showed up in the Shed which was fast becoming Mačka's home.  We were not thrilled about this development.  We would pound on any object in the shed to get them out and I must say we had considerable choices.  Dear Mačka was confused.  Not only were the other Cats an intrusion for her, but she could not understand how the Humans, who had been friendly and respectful before, had now become a bit focused on making noise and being grumpy in her home.  

I pondered how one little decision (letting Mačka call our little Farm home) had "catapulted" into countless other decisions.  The City Cats who lived inside were held in check with the intrusion of the seasoned Country Toms.

The situation "broke" when Richard put Mačka in the garage overnight and the Toms had no possibilities of interaction.  They moved on.

In the meantime, we speeded up plans to get Mačka "fixed".  Tomorrow we pick her up and bring her home.  Our little outdoor Cat is supposed to be a little confined for the next 2 weeks.  We are not sure how this will manifest, but we will surely find out soon.

Melanie has been picking up words and phrases in Croatian to expand our communication with Mačka.  And to expand our own very limited knowledge of the language too.

More adventures are expected to unfold.

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