Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sacred Trust

As a society, we have trusted major corporations (and our government) to provide good safe food. However, corporations (at least those "trending" up until now) feed themselves 1st on generous portions of their own greed. With their primary focus on greed, their actions are based on a blatant disregard for fundamental laws of Nature which support life.

I do believe that everything happens for a purpose.  Perhaps their actions are pointing us back to community solutions: growing our own food, getting to know our local farmers (especially those who provide meat), hanging out at Farmer's Markets, eating only what we need. 

Infusion of resources (including money) into corporations is a vote toward death of communities.  And we wonder why they struggle.  Channeling those resources into local communities is about revitalizing the place that we call home.  This is at a very basic and fundamental level.  While on the surface, one might see "money only", it is rather about the beautiful relationships and gratitude that develop when one sees eye to eye with that individual, family and the land providing our food, nourishing our lives. 

I have come to know that the provision of food (which is a simple act that sustains life) is a sacred trust.  The Creator never intended for it to be broken.

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