Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where Are the Monarchs?

These days we are ever aware of the glorious movements of Spring.  Everything seems in motion.  When I note the Stars in the inky night sky, I note that Orion (who is our winter  companion) has shifted toward the southwestern sky.  That simple change in the heavens tells me we are well on our way into Spring. 

Yes, the temperatures are considerably higher than averages for this date but they are also in the upper historical range.  Forecasts for today are a high of 81 degrees (average is 59).  The low is expected at 59 degrees (average is 38).

Those high temps with unseasonably warm nights has meant that Spring is starting to "pop".  Daffodils  are in full bloom.  Tender buds are beginning to emerge from the soil. Every day brings a recording of a new bird on the landscape, a new voice offering itself to be heard.  

This evening, I began to wonder:  "Where are the Monarchs?".  I checked a map and discovered that some have been sited in central Arkansas. Oh, how I love those Monarchs.

 For all of these wonderful things, I feel like we have front row seats of a grand parade.  Admittedly, I do feel a little uneasy.  And I post a little prayer:  "May the seasons flow as they should to support Life. May I rest easy in the glorious spiral of these amazing things. May I find my place in the awe and magic of Creation which abounds."

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