Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I just returned 
from my customary morning walk,
a lovely circle 
through meadows and woods 
of this little Farm. 
It is a Physical Walk,
but more a Spiritual Journey.
My feet touched the ground.
The upright two-legged that is me 
made short stretches 
into the endless Sky.
I am grounded 
on this lovely Earth,
our Great Mother,
who sustains my Being. 
May I never forget 
her unselfish and joyous Gift.
How gentle the air felt. 
Temperatures on my skin
were caresses,
much like a Mother tenderly 
holding her Child.
Sometimes a gentle breeze 
would blow. 
The extended heat and drought 
have left me confused. 
These days, 
temperatures have moderated.
I had forgotten how lovely 
these seasons usually are.
May I never forget.
May I never cease 
to express wonder and gratitude 
to the Great Mother of us all.
Glinda Crawford, 2012

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