Friday, August 31, 2012

Wedding Down South

August 19:

The last 2 days (and before) have been really busy in these parts. You see the Folks at the Farm down South were hosting a wedding. Since we know both the Bride (Melanie G., not our Melanie C.) and the Groom (Anthony) who are now living elsewhere and are part of this community of homesteaders, we were part of the community who supported this beautiful sacred event.

Melanie and Sarah were responsible for the cake. And talk about a cake. I did not see the final production and am hopeful that pictures were taken. The carrot cake was adorned with cream cheese frosting and embellished with English walnuts and flowers from our garden.

Melanie G., her sister Nicole, and Ariel from down South wanted flowers, lots of flowers. Trouble was that with this heat and drought, flowers have been in short supply. I was at the Farmer's Market yesterday and Zinnias were 3 for $1. Yikes. Usually we have lots of flowers. That is my signature and at this season they are not usually in short supply. Until this year.

So I volunteered to gather flowers from the Garden and the Wild. Four bucketfuls were awaiting Nicole when she picked them up Friday about noon. We talked about the Bride's bouquet. It was obvious that everyone down South was really busy, with family and friends coming in and details that needed attending. So I decided to make a Bride's bouquet. You could call it my little gift. Of course it was up to the Bride to use it. And she did. I suppose it is one of those classic examples of people just falling into place, doing what needs to be done, out here in farming country.

Melanie and Dave took the bouquet down in the early afternoon before the wedding. To my delight, Melanie G. carried it.

The flowers include a mix of those from the Garden and the Wild. Seems a proper gift from the land on this most auspicious day of commitment and celebration.

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