Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pinchie's Gone

Pinchie died today.  She was a White Plymouth Rock from that first batch of littles in 2007.  She was a very friendly chicken who liked to be around Humans.  She had her moments of pecking Humans once in a while.  In so doing, she let us know she needed space. 

Richard says she was a fun chicken to have around.  Every time you would stick a spade in the ground, she was right there waiting for that perfect opportunity to grab grubs and worms, and leave poop too.  It's easy to look around at all the trees that we have planted and know she was right there doing her part.

On this day, Ms. Pinchie Chicken waited until Melanie got home.  After their good-bye's, she left.  Rest well, Little Chicken.  We are blessed to have had you on our Little Farm, which was your Little Farm too.

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