Friday, August 24, 2012

In the Distance

On my walk this morning,
I heard a chain saw 
buzzing in the distance.
The saw continued.
Then there was a short silence,
followed by a huge crash 
of a giant tree falling down. 
Someone somewhere thought 
they had the perfect right to cut that tree
since they have Human papers on the Land.
Someone somewhere will think 
they have the perfect right 
to buy wood products 
because they have the cash 
stuffed in their hands.
I have. 
We have noted 
a considerable amount 
of the forest south of us 
has been carved up for wood.
The place which was serene before 
has become a war zone.
When will the destruction stop?
Or when will it slow?
When will we Humans 
see the pain of the Earth?
When will we hear 
the Trees and all the living Beings 
cry out?
When will we realize
those Trees trap carbon dioxide,
a major contributor 
to climate change and global warming.
I pray it's soon.
The Humans are running out of time 
to turn this puppy around.
Glinda Crawford, 2012

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