Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am struck by how far outside the Laws of Nature that the people of my culture choose to live. Nature gives birth to us, Nature nourishes us throughout our days and Nature welcomes us back to the Earth at the end of our days.  To choose to live outside Her boundaries is to choose to diminish Life.  Now why would we ever choose to do that?  Or rather, as the Folks of my childhood used to say:  "Whose half-baked idea is that anyway?"

I look at my own life.  I have had considerable education and I have even had a class in Nutrition.  (It was not my favorite.)  At almost 64 years of age, I really do not know the boundaries within which I need to live.  I do not know the pattern that Nature has set for me so that I may thrive in the way that She intended.  I suppose you could call this little entry a pulse of someone who is seeking a different path.

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