Friday, August 24, 2012

Harvesting the Little Roos

Scampy, Melanie's 17 year old cat, is napping next to the keyboard, which does indeed affect my access to the keys and the flow of my thoughts too.  Nevermind, it may interfere with his dream state.  I shall try to make this short.  Is that possible?

Just needed to note that Richard harvested 12 of the little Roosters early this morning.  As per usual, he began the process just before the coming light.  This quieter time greatly reduces their fear and agitation, at least so it seems.  That's essential to us.  It's important to keep the birds as calm as possible for their own sake.  That surely seems the most humane thing to do, if one is going to eat meat. 

We try not to eat food, especially meat which is loaded with fear and violence.  I personally believe that energy becomes part of us and contributes to our own dis-ease.  Plus, the dear workers who are stuck the tasks no one else wants to do are often marginalized from the larger society.  These are often folks who don't have a lot of options; consequently they are poorly paid.  They come from pools of migrant workers, sometimes illegal immigrants, and folks who just don't have a lot of options in economically impoverished areas.  They tragically become victims of that violence too. 

We as consumers need to be very careful about the energy that we put out into the world. That energy just comes right back at us.  This is our way to step out of that system, and put some kindness and caring and gratitude in its place.

Meanwhile, Richard is quietly doing the final cleaning as I awkwardly clatter at the keys.  Consider this little epistle as gratitude for the Great Mother Earth who sustains us all, the little Roos who have been company and will help sustain our lives, and my dear Husband who brings such mindfulness, love, and gratitude to this whole process.

A different future is possible, and we are doing our best to live it.