Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sun Rise

July 31:

These days, I have been getting up to watch the Sun Rise. I can't believe that I have not been doing this all along. It took me 63 years to figure out this was important.

While sinking into the beauty of the sights, I felt the dew. And I sat and listened to the sounds: Roosters Freddie and Del welcoming the day, rambunctious baby Roosters playing early morning Rooster games, songbirds singing, trucks on the highway, neighbors' dogs barking. There seemed to be a rising and falling of the sounds of Nature and the sounds of the Human enterprise.

Our glorious Sun is creeping southward on the eastern horizon. When August 2 which is a marker in the Earth's calendar arrives, that speed will pick up. With it comes decreasing sunlight and harvest both at full speed.

Even though we are in a drought situation, harvest is picking up speed. Seeing the connection of all these things, we are expressing gratitude for the bounty the Earth provides to sustain all Beings, including her Human.

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