Sunday, August 19, 2012


Richard began harvesting the little Roosters today.  He started with 2, which means we will have Chicken on this day.  Some people go right to the "yum yum yum" stage, but these days give us reflections to ponder.  We try never to forget what goes into all of this.

Those little Guys grew really fast.  They came to us in earliest of May.  And now, almost 4 months later, they are ready to harvest.  This has been a great group.  They have mostly been quiet and gentle.  That is up until the last week or 2.  Their brilliant red wattles have grown and some are quite striking against all those white feathers.  They are practicing their crows more.  They are playing those Rooster sparring games.  We sometimes hear loud squawks where one rooster has gotten another and won't let go.  One even got Richard on the arm a few days ago; he squawked for a couple of days.  I am remind that the old ones would say that you should not bite the hand that feeds you.  I guess he hadn't heard that.  One of the little-now big-Roos was even settling into the Rooster House in the evening and kicking everyone out as they came in looking for that perfect berthing place for the night.  Richard commented that soon, that one will go.  And then a line up will wait in cue to take his place.

We are ever mindful of the sacrifice of these living Creatures, their Gift of Life so that we may live.  It is with sadness that we see the little Guys go.  It is also with love and gratitude for their precious gift.  I suppose I should also say that it is in gratitude that the chores are reduced too.  When they are gone, things will surely be quieter around here.

For something to live, something has to die.  May we never forget that Circle of Life which sustains us.

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