Monday, June 23, 2008

1st Local Meal of the Season

We try to eat local as much as possible. That includes foods from our Garden during the growing seasons and from the storehouse of foods we have produced and preserved. We find it especially hard to eat local during that inbetween season when the Garden has been planted but is not yet in production. That would be now.

We were excited that we had our 1st almost completely local meal this evening: Fantastic Panfried Catfish (caught by Ronnie Saltmarsh from a little pond owned by Jennie and her husband near Green Castle, with egg batter from our Chickens), Terrific Tartar Sauce (with Green Onion and Parsley from this year's garden, Dill Pickles Melanie made in 2007 which included ingredients mostly from the garden), Wonderful Sweet Corn (grown and frozen by neighbor Bonnie in 2007), Vibrant Steamed Greens (Lamb's Quarter which surely came in seeds with the compost from Rolf and Ilse; Yea! for "weed" seeds!).

Items which were not local included: flour on Catfish; olive oil and Earth Balance used for frying; Earth Balance on Greens; "Veganase", Cayenne, Lemon Juice, and Salt and Pepper in Tartar Sauce.

Yummy! Thank you Friends and the Earth!

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