Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Magic Moment

Big projects are always fun. Changes are always interesting. Ups and downs come and go. Unexpecteds arise at unexpected times and places. Some moments, one wonders: "What on Earth was I thinking?" "Will I ever get this done?"

Our Garden is a big project. We had all of our seedpacks and plants carefully stashed, just waiting to find their proper spaces in the soil. We had plans in mind but we were also willing to go with the flow. And we were willing to interweave Richard's Garden, Melanie's Garden, and Glinda's Garden into Our Garden. Nature gave us some challenges and some lessons. These will be ongoing. Overall, we just didn't know exactly how all of this would come together.

These past few days, we finally have been able to get into the Garden. And where do we start? Sometimes looking at the whole thing is a bit overwhelming. So we started step by step.

Then that Magic Moment comes. The project is not complete, but it finally has found shape, form, order, and purpose. While the wings were tired (and stiff and sore), all of sudden they experience lift. At last, it is all coming together.

Yesterday, that Magic Moment came. We are not done planting the Garden. But it is all coming together in a beautiful way.

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