Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Daisy Mae

This little Hennie is simply adorable. Her name is Daisy Mae and she is a Barred Plymouth Rock. She is 5 weeks old. Already you can see her black and white stripes, which she promises to wear quite proudly as an adult.

Daisy Mae is on the small side in our flock of new little ones. In the photo above, she is standing next to a White Plymouth Rock Rooster. I really don't think she has any idea that he is any bigger than she is.

Daisy Mae is quite the little social creature. She is very gentle. She loves her Humans and is very trusting of them. She will pop up into your hands, preen herself, cuddle up, and go right to sleep.

One should never underestimate the power of this gentle creature. In fact, she is quite the revolutionary. She knows who She is. She knows what She wants and She goes for it. She led the flock of 67 from their Little House for that first time into the Great World of Tall Green Grasses and New Adventures. She is a thoroughly modern Woman of the World.

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