Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Moments arrive when one glimpses the exquisite wonder of Life. I think we should live our Lives in a way that we deeply know every moment is exquisite wonder. Every moment is an expression of the Sacred Gift of Life.

Our hurried and unsettled modern times elevate the Human and its supposedly Superior Material Projects. Such "living" somehow wipes those moments away. Perhaps ways of being in the World are not a "living" but rather a "dying" of the Spirit and a dying of who we have been meant to be.

Even in these often dark times, glimpses of the exquisite wonder of Life arise. Because of the Power of this Force, these moments cannot be overlooked. They are glimpses of the Life we seek in every step upon this Path.

Rainbows are on that list of such exquisite moments when we come back to Home and back to Center. Rainbows emerge from times of Darkness as All Beings move into Light, Hope and Promise.

Winter here was of the sort when Nature made her presence known. We were in and out of storms. White often blanketed the land. We personally loved it. We had just moved from North Dakota whose Winters taught us a humility and awe in Nature's power. We had learned to pray that Creation's purpose and needs could be met in these things we as Humans could not understand. The Winter here was reminiscent of the Missouri winters I remember. The Locals have talked much about it and have found it quite unsettling.

The Spring has been another test of sorts. Temperatures have stayed cool. Rains have been frequent. Since the Soils have been muddy, Gardening has been a stretch, which for some means impossible and for others, means whatever you can reach from the Path.

As we have moved into Summer, we have been confronted again with Nature's power and perhaps even her fury. Winds, storms, rains, high humidity, and heat have been constants these last few weeks. The motion in the Clouds and Sky have produced paintings I do not remember seeing before. The Energy has been quite unsettling.

The last system of storms ran through these parts 2 nights ago. Then it began to rain, a steady even Rain all night long. I found the Rain nourishing, calming, settling and grounding. Yesterday was a gray day with occasional sprinkles.

As the Day moved into Evening, the Sky opened yielding to a Sun throwing beams of light across the Land. On the Eastern horizon, a brilliant yet soft Rainbow appeared. I felt a peace, calm and joy. In that moment in time, all was right with the World and on this little Farm. Such Moments bring such deeply nourishing feelings.

My childlike magical self ran to capture the Rainbow in digital format. Such things are pitiful renditions of Nature's splendor. But I did my best.

The kid in me chased about to find the Rainbow ending or perhaps beginning in our newly planted Garden (photo above) or in the new Brooder House (below) which is almost complete. The Brooder House (the tiny little house at far left) will house the growing Hennies who now are 6 weeks old as we will soon separate them from the increasingly rambunctious and growing Roosters. And next year, this Little House is where the broody Hennies will set with their Babes whose home will be upon this Land.

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