Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Is Why We Do What We Do...

We 3 C's are deeply serious about caring for the Earth and caring for Future Generations of All Beings. We simply cannot do anything less. While commonplace in other countries and societies, this walk has not been easy in this Culture, as it is definitely against the flow of conventional Western practice. Sometimes we do indeed feel like we are swimming upstream.

Why do we do it? Check out this video which is from 1992 and most recently sent to us by Angela Swiec who is now in Poland. Why we do this is summed up in the voice and being of this Child speaking before the United Nations Earth Summit. In this case her name is Severn Suzuki. But s/hecould be any child: those we know and others of All Colors and All Cultures on this Beautiful Planet which is Home to all of us.

Walking this path has become easier for the 3 C's. We are following what are hearts know that we must do. For us, it is simply the right thing to do. How could we not?

We do not force our ideas on others. We take comfort that we are a part of a growing community which is waking up to these things. I see hope sprouting like a newly planted Seed in soft, wet, yielding fertile Soil.

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