Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Steps

OK. Where do we start to take on a sustainable lifestyle? Once we agreed that sustainable living was a value we intended to address, it was quite easy to get overwhelmed with it all. So much seemed "out of whack" in the world around us.

Baby steps came to mind. When a baby learns to walk, s/he is on their own journey to become mobile. No 2 babies do it exactly the same, but some similarities appear. 1st the baby begins to crawl. Then s/he begins to walk around familiar objects and trusted people. A magical moment happens when the baby begins to stand without support. It's delightful to see who is more surprised: the baby or the adult. The baby begins to see familiar objects just out of reach. And Bingo, the baby begins to walk. Those 1st steps are usually short and awkward. Ker-plunk! the baby falls down on his or her toosh. Over time, the steps become more sure. And then the child begins to run. Look out world.

We decided to start with those things that mattered to us most. We got good at them. Then we headed onto the next thing that mattered. With every new initiative, awkward steps were involved. And then, we just took off. The whole process has become more even and smooth. We are on a roll. And we are not going back.
Photo above: The little 2 month old Roosters come spilling out of their house to greet a new day. Some come exuberantly and others tentatively. I can relate.

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chinoq said...

Wow I love this step, My life and my work look like "Baby Step".Also you have a lovely farm.

Chinoq, Thailand