Saturday, June 28, 2008


I spent a good deal of my life chasing Perfection. Thankfully, I do not sit in that space any longer.

Over the years, I had discovered that Perfection is a kind of self abuse. Now why would I want to do that? At the very least, such seekings caused considerable tension in my life because I was chasing something I never could quite meet.

In a quilt book which was given to me in the late 1980s, I discovered that the Amish believe that perfection is a state associated with God. Humans cannot achieve such lofty heights and should not even seek to do so. As a mark of this, Amish women include a block in their quilts which is out of sync with the pattern. Achieving a state of imperfection was never a problem for me. I am just now more comfortable with it.

In my quest to live sustainably, I give myself the gift of recognition that I am imperfect and that my path through these things will likely be imperfect. I will make mistakes. I may step off the path. It's OK. I continue my upward climb, ever seeking my goal but celebrating the fact that I am Human. I am finding my way in some pretty mixed up times. I find myself surrounded by kindness and hope.

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