Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Push

Gardening season has been slow this year, at least for the Humans. It has moved in fits and starts. Rain, storms, cool temperatures have kept us out of the Garden in the usual expected timeline anticipated by Humans. Nature follows Her own timeline.

Consequently, many of the cool season plants (Spinach, Radishes, Kohlrabi, Beets) did not get planted or did not do so well under the conditions. We planted inbetween rains when the soil was dry enough to work. Melanie and I discovered the virtues of raised beds and permaculture, which permit the Gardener to reach easily into the bed from the straw paths we created. We have been a little "on edge" just waiting for those precise moments to get our seeds and plants in the soil. Our "ordered process" seemed at times to be in disarray. All the while, the Summer Season moves on.

Yesterday was the Big Push. The Soil was dry enough to plant. It was the Full Moon Day. We try to plant according to the Moon Sign, as much as we know of it. We know enough to know that we want to know more. The Waxing Moon is the time for planting above ground plants and the Full Moon Day is the last day of that cycle. We could feel and see the Rains coming in. Rains are a blessing on newly planted plants and seeds. They seem to give the plants just the push they need.

We knew this was the Big Day. We headed eagerly to our seed stashes and our plants. Richard's planting was complete. He gave much needed support for our efforts. We went quickly back and forth from House to the Garden and through the Garden. I can imagine that the pattern of our footsteps was similar to those old Family Circus cartoons which always made me smile.

As the Daylight was ebbing, we knew we had meant most of our goals. We sighed with relief knowing that the Garden is now almost all planted. We headed to the house and the 1st of the rains began. Sleep felt good.

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