Sunday, June 22, 2008


We 3 C's have committed to growing as much of our own food as we can on this little Farm. As I plant these Seeds in the Soil, tend these Plants and watch Nature's cycles, I know at a growing level of consciousness that I am wholly dependent upon the Life Force of this Planet. I shall do the best I can as I plant these Seeds, nurture these Plants, and care for the Soil. But their growth, maturity and fruition are far beyond that which I can ever completely know or do.

When I shopped exclusively at the Supermarket all those years, I did not sense this vital connection between these things and me. I thought the food I bought and consumed came from the Corner Store or the Pipelines that led to it. I do not think I even considered any other reality. I was too busy with important Human doings. I know I took little or no time to care.

Planting Seeds and nurturing Plants are acts of Humility and Grace. My sense of Gratitude for these Simple Life Giving Things from a Force Far Greater than myself grows by leaps and bounds. My Spirit dances at the Miracle I am only beginning to know.

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